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What’s so good about singing?

Why singing is important
December 7, 2016
Luscious Choirs

Ella Fitzgerald famously said “The only thing better than singing is more singing”.  But what is so good about singing?

For starters, singing is great for your body.  It’s an aerobic activity that works muscles you may not even be aware of or don’t exercise at all.  Singing can help to develop and strengthen your lungs, increasing your both your breath capacity and flow strength.  You will also strengthen the supporting muscles to your ribs and chest area, allowing your breath to be more supported.

Singing strengthens all the muscles involved in achieving and maintaining good posture.  This supports good breath and good health, giving space to the internal organs and allowing good blood flow and lymphatic flow around the body.

Singing is good for your brain!  You will experience increased oxygen flow to the blood system and therefore the brain which will aid in brain function including neurological improvement and increased concentration.  Learning music in an ‘a capella´ style requires more cerebral activity than just looking at written music, so learning music this way is a way to stretch your mental function that will reap benefits in other areas.  Music is made of patterns and sequences, and this also helps improve brain function – our brains love patterns and predicting them!  Memorising music will help your memory in other parts of your life, too.  Without a doubt, singing is good for your brain!

It is not unusual to experience an energetic or euphoric uplift from singing, and singing in a choir amplifies this feeling.  There really is nothing like making music with others and being surrounded by the voices around you.

Learning to sing is often a long wished desire for many.  Singing in a choir can help achieve this and develop a sense of personal achievement.

Music, and especially singing, has been the way for humanity to express all of its emotions, and mark all of its occasions since time began.  The outlet that singing can provide to allow us to express emotions of joy, longing, sadness, rapture, fury and jubilation (to name a few!) can bring a level of emotional expression that we may not have the opportunity to explore in our everyday lives.  Much deeper than catharsis, connecting with a lyric or a phrase at the right time can bring deep understanding and healing, often when we least expect it.  Music has always been good for our soul.

I truly believe that singing is the one activity that is good for you mind, body and soul.